With a track record for more than a decade combined with experience and proven approach, believing that integrity and honesty are more valuable than making the deal. We do take pride in our ability to serve our clients.

Below are just a few of the testimonials we have received from our esteemed clients.

It is a new technology; I like to test new technologies. It was proposed by NOOR as the latest VPN technology, and it proves very efficient
Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Monem PACS consultant for Alfa Scan
Definitely, yes. We are satisfied so, undoubtedly, I would recommend NOOR as a service provider/carrier
Samy El Akabawy AUC Vice President for Computing
The most professional Data Carrier / Service Provider in Egypt
Mr. Emad Khalaf FedEx Express Senior IT Manager
NOOR makes an outstanding difference. Simply, NOOR sets a completely different standard.
Mr. Waleed Abdel Aziz Mohamed IT Consultant