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IT Outsourcing

There is no question that the market is becoming more and more dependent on IT infrastructure for their day to day work; and the internal resources required to maintain the optimization of these infrastructures can divert attention away from a company’s core competency. However, for companies whose primary focus is NOT Information Technology, IT Outsourcing is rapidly gaining momentum as a mean for concentrating purely on the main business lines.

That being said, it’s not an easy decision to entrust your IT infrastructure management to an outside party; expertise and professionalism can be higher than the set cost and dependable people are not easy to find. However, NOOR External Assist provides you with direct access to highly trained and fully certified system staff to manage your existing, ongoing and future IT requirements within your company, all at a lower expense compared to our competitors.

NOOR External Assist professionals currently hold the following Certifications:
With all systems fully-backed by water-tight SLA’s for further validation of our commitment to IT outsourcing excellence, NOOR Extreme Assist’s remote assistance technology combined with our world class Help Desk System and highly trained and professional staff ensures a perpetual peace of mind for our clients. Our External Assist is a first class service that takes care of all your IT needs.