MPLS Layer 3 VPN

Technical Overview

In order to cope with the growing business needs for Enterprise customers to increase productivity, NOOR delivers carrier-grade MPLS Layer 3 VPN services to transport Data, Voice and video traffic across a converged infrastructure. NOOR ensures an end-to-
end Quality of Service and provide exceptional security for the data transported.

MPLS Layer 3 VPN introduced new services for Enterprise Networks promising to bring down cost, increase reliability and scalability, which were often missing in legacy networks. In Addition, lower latency, higher security and bandwidth.

Service Overview

MPLS VPNs introduced the possibility to have a "full mesh" network at the cost of "hub & spoke" topology.

Moreover, MPLS VPN is a true VPN technology that guarantees the traffic isolation and security using a single routing instance (VRF) for each customer’s VPN.

Quality of Service

NOOR provides an end-to-end quality of service and removes the configuration hassle from the customer by being responsible for QoS requirements between the different branches. In addition, our service ensures that your most crucial of communications can always get to
their destination in the fastest time, without getting clogged up and slowed down on the network. Similarly, if the fastest route is for any reason unavailable, the next fastest route will be located and used.

NOOR proposed four service classes for its customers. Using the DiffServ model the 4 service classes are:

• Premium: for real-time delay and jitter-sensitive applications such as Voice over Ip (VoIP)
• Gold: for bandwidth demanding mission-critical data applications
• Silver: for application like video streaming (allowing limited amount of packet losses)
• Bronze: all unclassified traffic that will be given the best-effort treatment

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