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Remote Access-Telecommuter

Background & Applicability

Today, it is essential to be able to access company’s information and files from anywhere. VPNs made it possible for Enterprise companies to establish secure, end-to-end private network connections over a public networking infrastructure, allowing them to reduce their communications expenses. To fully realize the benefits of high-performance and secure remote access, a robust and highly available VPN solution is needed. NOOR Telecommuter service offers this.

Moreover, the ranks of telecommuters and mobile users are growing every day, and their connectivity needs fast and reliable connections at the same level of service they expect in the traditional office environment

What is telecommuting?

It is the extension of MPLS Layer 3 and Layer 2 VPNs which allows:

• at-home workers
• remote office employees
• road warriors

to access voice and data applications in your company via a secure communication channel to ease and increase productivity of the workers.

Services Overview

NOOR’s telecommuter service allows your company’s workers anywhere to connect to your LAN network via an internet connection. Once connected to the internet with your laptop, tablet, smart phone, PDA, etc, you will be accessing NOOR’s VPN concentrator which will allow you access to your company’s VRF and, accessing any of your company’s resources in different locations.

To maximize the benefit of this approach, your connection is based on a quota which accounts on data usage. The standard is 10 Giga bytes per month.

Security Benefits

A secure tunnel is established between the mobile device and the location which introduces the following benefits:

1. Data confidentiality – by encrypting data to protect it from eavesdropping attacks
2. Data integrity and authenticity - ensured through HMAC (Hash-based Message Authentication Code) to protect it from man-in-the-middle attacks.
3. Peer authentication - is the process of ensuring that an IPsec peer is who it claims to be.
4. Anti-replay protocol - uses a sequence number to detect packet injections (or duplications) as they travel from a source to a destination.

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